We are looking for passionate, inspiring and charismatic individuals to join our door to door, street, or mall fundraising teams in Toronto. Come join the fast-paced fun, get to know and explore the city in a way you never thought you could, all while working with coworkers you’ll come to call friends and family! We represent top tier charity organizations, both local and international, that are helping to save and change lives all over the world and in our community! Join our team and make an impact through front-line activism and signing up high quality monthly donors.

Public Outreach offers flexible scheduling, a guaranteed hourly wage with regular pay reviews, incentives, and a positive and inclusive work environment. We’ll provide you with resume enhancing experiences, and a variety of opportunities to challenge you to be your best. Fill out the form below, we’ll phone you back shortly, answer your questions and if we are a good fit set you up with paid training as soon as the next day. Starting wages vary on the position ($13, $14 or $16 per hour starting wages), and we will take into account any previous sales or fundraising experience you may have.